Access All Areas, Recruitment, Training & HR Services is a recruitment and training company that specialises in middle to senior management appointments for the Event, Entertainment, Stadiums and Hospitality Industry. We have a proven track record of success in recruiting quality management personnel, particularly in niche markets such as the Middle East. We understand the importance of matching skills and qualifications together with the right team fit.

In addition to our recruitment services we also specialise in the development and customisation of staff training programs at all levels of the organisation on a wide range of disciplines. To complete the package, we also offer HR services, such as developing bespoke HR Policies and Procedures to meet the business needs of the company within the context and limitations of its operating environment and culture. FIND OUT MORE.


When only the best will do, choose the professionals with a proven track record of success.

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  • Expat Life

    So, you want to become an Expat ……

    Becoming an expat is an amazing experience. It’s exciting and a fantastic opportunity. Before you make the leap though, there are many things to think about before life as you once know it is about to change.

    Depending on where you go, will depend how much change you will experience. For me it was the Middle East. It doesn’t matter how much you read and think you understand about your new destination, just know that everything you took for granted and probably didn’t even think about is at times going to feel like pulling teeth.

    The first month of arriving in your new destination is best described as a complete whirl wind, information overload and at times utter frustration. Tasks that we normally consider simple and basic are often complicated and at times, difficult. This really needs to be understood because nothing is like it is back home, not to mention the language barriers and cultural differences that you begin to experience.